Health and Safety

Club Running Etiquette

Running at a club session should be an enjoyable experience for club members and run leaders alike, but it’s important to consider the etiquette to ensure a safe rewarding run. Here are a few tips when running within club sessions:-

  • Firstly remember, every time you go out for a run, you are an ambassador for both our sport and our running club.
  • Pay attention to your run leader – Please pay attention while instructions are being given, important information may be issued.
  • Communication – Before the session starts, your run leader will usually explain the route/session that’s intended, along with the pace and distance (this information will also be on Spond).
  • Pace – Choose a group that suits your pace. Pace will be advertised on Spond, unless it is a Speed Session. Please do not ask run leaders to run at a faster pace than advertised, other members of the group may have chosen this pace for a reason.
  • Be Punctual – Arrive on time so the session can start as scheduled.
  • Stay together – Be respectful and avoid over taking the Run Leader. Club insurance will not cover you should you have an accident whilst ahead of the Run Leader. If someone is struggling at the back, the pace should be reduced to accommodate or a buddy nominated to run alongside to finish the run.
  • Encourage each other – Positive words of encouragement goes a long way, especially if someone is struggling.
  • Be flexible – Occasionally plans will need to be changed due to weather, injuries etc. Be adaptable and willing to make adjustments.
  • Leave only footprints – Please take any rubbish home with you if there is not a bin nearby.
  • Engage with the group – Introduce yourself to new runners. We want our members to feel welcome and be confident enough to try all the sessions available.
  • No one gets left behind!!
  • Clothing – Wear suitable clothing for the weather conditions. Consider wearing a hi-viz, especially in the winter months when its darker. Please bring along your own water should you need it.
  • Please remember our Run Leaders have volunteered to take your club sessions. By following the above etiquette, it will allow for enjoyable sessions. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated towards any club members.

Burnham on sea Harriers club run risk assessment (downloadable)

Burnham on sea half marathon risk assessment (downloadable)
Burnham Half risk assessment 2023



Become a Member

If you have doubts about joining the club, why not come along to our club evening. Our club runs are on Tuesday evening. Each group runs at a different pace, accommodating runners of all abilities. We meet at the Bay Centre from 6pm, with each group setting off at different times. Please keep an eye on our Harriers Facebook page as club runs are published weekly and some groups set off from alternative locations.